After i upgraded our company owncloud instance to the latest version 6.0.0a-0, i would like to update our LDAP settings too.
It seems to work smooth first but after a gew seconds i saw that there not every ldap group was listed inside the owncloud user_ldap app.
A look into the logfile $your_owncloud_path/data/owncloud.log (you have to configure this path in your $your_owncloud_path/config/config.php first) give me more information, it was full flooded of this lines.

{"app":"user_ldap","message":"LDAP error Size limit exceeded (4) after calling ldap_get_attributes","level":0,"time":"January 16, 2014 23:31:06"}

What’s that? Every other application is working fine with our ldap servers, but only ownCloud has problems with them?

Can’t be true. So i was searching for the reason of this “problem. I found this here “new ldap config wizard floods log

So i fixed my wizard.php with this “magic lines of php” ;). Nothing happened.

After this try i was looking on ownCloud’s GitHub repo and here was another version of this file, and another “magic php code”.

Nothing happend.

After searching for a problem inside the php.ini and other foobar php settings i was thinking about the ldap settings, a friend gave me tip for the

olcSizeLimit: $value

setting inside the slapd (openldap server).

This value was at 500 by default (Debian packages). Changing this to 1000 fixed our problem immediately. I changed it back to 500 and lower and than there was the same problem again “LDAP error Site limit Exceeded”.

So just fix your slapd/ldap config/settings to allow more than 500 return values per search (openldap manual ).

Be happy ;)

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